Kosta Boda
Kosta Boda Intro
Goran Warff
Goran Warffhas always shown a strong interest in preserving the special skills of the master craftsmen in glass blowing and glass cutting. Warff first joined Kosta Boda in 1964 from a smaller Swedish glassworks and studies in industrial design at a Bauhaus-influenced school in Ulm, Germany. After 10 years of helping define a style with his innovative designs and processes, Goran took leave for Australia, then England, where he worked and taught. Warff returned to Kosta Boda in 1984, and as before, created designs that have defined their times in glass artistry.
Anna Ehrner
Anna Ehrner joined Kosta Boda in 1974 after graduating from the National Arts College in her hometown, Stockholm. Anna learned by doing the art of glass design and production. In 1979 she took she left to study at the renowned Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington. Anna creates pieces that stand out by simple powerful shapes and her great skill to use color to create shimmering effects. Swirling veils of color in the glass, in fact, they are something of an Anna Ehrner signature.
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