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  • Pre-etched Apple Rectangle Keychain

    Pre-etched Apple Rectangle Keychain

    Starting at $19.92 $24.90

  • Orrefors Carat Tumbler 11.7oz

    Orrefors Carat Tumbler 11.7oz

    Starting at $52.00 $65.00

  • Male Golfer Thriving Award

    Male Golfer Thriving Award

    Starting at $71.20 $89.00

  • Male Golf Swing Award

    Male Golf Swing Award

    Starting at $71.20 $89.00

  • Orrefors Balans Flute 5.6oz

    Orrefors Balans Flute 5.6oz

    Starting at $48.00 $60.00

  • Waterford Gem Cut Half Sphere Dome Paperweight

    Waterford Gem Cut Half Sphere Dome Paperweight

    Starting at $72.00 $90.00

  • Triangle Side Clock

    Triangle Side Clock

    Starting at $39.00 $49.00

  • Slanted Frosted Baseball

    Slanted Frosted Baseball

    Starting at $39.00

  • Orrefors Drop Bowl

    Orrefors Drop Bowl

    Starting at $148.00 $185.00

  • Pre-etched Graduation Apple Gift

    Pre-etched Graduation Apple Gift

    Starting at $23.20 $29.00

Introducing Kosta Boda Art Glass

Since established in 1742 within the dense forests of the Swedish province of Smaland, Kosta Boda takes great pride in being able to offer high-end glass and crystal products with its own unique and sophisticated touch. With Free Personalization by, this collection is the perfect gift to commemorate any corporate or individual for all gift giving occasions.

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